Deborah C. Moore,

Ph.D., LMFT 
Human Development Services


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After being with each other for over a decade we were at the brink of separation. We tried to resolve the issues in our relationship ourselves but that didn't work. Going to therapy was the last resort to saving our relationship and it was a success!! We couldn't have done it without the help of Dr. Moore. It was a tough journey but with Dr. Moore's guidance, strength, support, and patience we got through it. She gave us the tools we needed, to repair our relationship and heal our wounds. We have gained so much knowledge and have also applied it to our daily lives. We are extremely thankful and could not be any happier.
~Mr. & Mrs. T

Dr. Debi helped me get my life back on track. Her caring supportive style, helped me get “unstuck,” and find a sense of purpose.
~Ms. Delgado

Dr. Moore’s unique style and support helped me full important goals that needed to be accomplished in my life. 
~Karen T.

I am so grateful that Dr. Moore was able to assist me in getting my Green Card. Now I truly feel like an American.  
~K. Boodrum

I was a skeptic about learning new things at my age (60s) but after attending one of Dr. Moore’s mindful- responding workshops, I see that it’s never too late to learn something new.
~Ms. Steinman (Mindfulness Workshop Participant)

I also wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the great learning experience you gave us with your panache, no-nonsense and inimitable style!
~Barbara (Mindfulness Workshop Participant)

The Mindfulness Responses: Inner Happiness Everyday is a practical, inspiring tips for managing stress and building a better life. 
~Kirkus Review

To anyone who's trying to find the answer to happiness, or is just interested in psychology or studies psychology this book is amazing. It’s an easy read and not a huge thick book, who has time for that anyway? This book is to the point and is a great tool for life! I 100% recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!

The Mindfulness Response is an easy to understand, practical guide to recognizing and using our inner strengths to manage stress and to achieve goals. Dr. Moore includes vignettes from her clinical experience along with helpful worksheet exercises. The reader can learn and practice the skills outlined and incorporate them in their everyday life. Everyone can benefit from this book!
~D. Kurlander, LP, NCPsyA

Not just another self- help book!
At first I thought "not another self- help book stress management. But after reading Dr. Moore's book, this book goes far behind stress management. It teaches us how to be happy, truly happy. She outlines exercises and techniques for promoting happiness which I follow daily. The daily affirmation are great too! Read the book, you will be happy!
~Cindy Barrington, MD, Ph.D.

It has been a great experience to be part of your workshop. I feel I have really benefitted from this experience. My inspiration has risen to a new level through your instruction and guidance.  I have been sharing with others about quality and excellence of your workshop.  Thank you.
~Anonymous Workshop participant