Deborah C. Moore,

Ph.D., LMFT 
Human Development Services


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The Mindfulness Response: Inner Happiness Every Day. 

Want to be happy despite what life throws your way? Learn the secrets of true happiness by changing the way you see the glass—half full, half empty, or simply as a glass. 

The Mindfulness Response: Inner Happiness Every Day will give you the tools that you will need to live a life that is both enriching and meaningful. This exciting technique that can be easily learned and adapted into your daily life, will assist you in dealing with everyday problems as well as the inevitable major issues of life.

Who Helpers the Helper: Proven Stress Management Techniques for Law Enforcement Officers.

WHO HELPS THE HELPER? Provides a proven system for effective stress management for law-enforcement officers -- created by a law-enforcement officer.  Licensed therapist Dr. Deborah C. Moore, a twenty-one-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, here leverages her own extensive counseling work, as well as her years of front-line patrol experience and her principles of effective departmental leadership. The system Moore outlines in the book was developed from first-hand lessons drawn as a "helper to the helpers" and as an NYPD officer and leader. (She retired as a lieutenant.)