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Do you want to learn the secrets to live a life that’s both enriching and meaningful? I can show you exciting techniques that can be easily learned to help deal with everyday problems as well as the inevitable major issues of life.

Believe or not, you already have everything you need right now to bring the mindfulness response into play in your own life—it is easier than you think to restore balance and happiness in life. I will provide exercises, step-by-step techniques, and activities for you to begin training your mind to think differently. You will quickly see results!

  • Is your relationship stagnate?
  • Are you finding it difficult to effectively communicate with your partner?
  • Has intimacy declined?
  • Financial issues making it difficult to enjoy life with your partner?
  • Are you searching for a relationship but need help cleaning out some old baggage?
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C oncern
O bjective/ non judgmental
A spire/ motivate
C ounsel/ therapy
H appiness/inner

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Look no further, as a licensed marriage and family therapist, I have successfully assisted hundreds of couples in developing meaningful, healthy relationships, and inner happiness. Learn more about my couples training programs. 

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A self-proclaimed “neuro-clinical therapist,” I have spent over two decades researching the influence of the brain and nervous system and how they influence and shape our emotional development. My therapeutic approach provides a warm, supportive, and safe environment to empower you to make necessary emotional and behavioral changes. My clinical orientation integrates traditional therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy along with mindful-based training to assist clients.

When you change your mind about stress,

you can change your body’s response to stress.