“Respond; don't react. Listen; don't talk.
Think; don't assume.”

― Raji Lukkoor







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Dr. Deborah C. Moore



Stress Management Expert

Dr. Moore is the founder of Human Development Services (HDS). HDS is a consulting, counseling, and coaching firm specializing in mindful- based approaches to stress management and relationship development. Combining the practice of mindfulness training, neuropsychology, and human development, these services empower individuals to reach their maximum potential and goals. Utilizing systematic and innovative strategies, services are custom made, fitting the individual’s needs and goals.

Dr. Moore is the creator of the Stress Management Building Systems (SMBS)™ , Relationship Building System (RBS)™, and  the E.B.C Method. These three approaches have provided Dr. Moore with success in helping individuals manage stress more effectively and to gain more confidence in dealing with others. She has an eclectic, innovative, and personalized style for helping individuals achieve their maximum potential. Her services have assisted individuals and organizations from all paths in life. She has assisted working families to professionals and CEOs. Let her mindful- based approach to stress management and relationship development assist you in making socially conscious changes

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Let Human Development Services assist you in creating a plan for change. Learn how to:

Change the way you think/behave through the E.B.C. Method
Let go of anger/ unwanted feelings
Recognize the ways in which you are not living a fully authentic life
Develop meaningful relationships
Improve your communication skills
Manage conflict more effectively
Improve focus & productivity
 Jump start your goals
Live a happier & healthier life

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Are you ready for change? A little change goes a long way


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